Vacuum Vapor Phase

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  • Asscon VP800 with Vacuum

    The ASSCON VP800 system has been developed especially for laboratories and prototyping. Thanks to its multi-chamber design, the system can...
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  • Asscon VP6000 with Vacuum

    ASSCON’s vacuum soldering process combines the average of the vapor-phase with the vaccum process. The vaccum module consists of the...
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  • Asscon VP7000 with Vacuum

    ASSCON vapor phase reflow soldering systems set standards in soldering technology. The VP 7000 vacuum systems are based on advanced paten...
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  • Supplementary Products

  • Data Collection Software

    The requirements imposed on the efficiency and quality of electronic components and assemblies increase constantly. By changeover to lead ...
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  • Desoldering Extraction Kit

    The ASSCON -desoldering system for the use in vapor-phase soldering machines. Multi-leaded SMD-components, ballgridarrays, connectors as ...
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  • Galden Fluid

    During Vapor Phase Heating (VPH), parts are directly immersed in a heated vapor blanket. The saturated vapor condenses and transfers its l...
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