PCB Cleaning & UltraFine Cleaning

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  • AQUBE L Series – LH5, LH7, LH9

    Fully automatic standard batch cleaner for assembled PCBs AQUBE® LH5 is a fully automatic new generation standard PCB fine cleaning syst...
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  • AQUBE X Series – XH5, XH7, XH9

    AQUBE® XH5 is a fully automatic new generation PCB ultra-fine cleaning systemwith a capacity of up to 176 (2.8 m²) eurocards. AQUBE® X...
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  • AQUBE XV7 & XV9 Series

    AQUBE® XV7 Large high end DCB and PCB cleaning system Capacity: 20 DCB panels (5“ x 7“) or 36 eurocards in a Duplex washing cart Vert...
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  • AQUBE® HY series

    AQUBE® HY series Full hybrid systems for PCB, screen and tools cleaning The new kolb AQUBE® systems are next-generation cleani...
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  • PSE300 2HY

    Fully automatic PowerSpray triple hybrid system for ultra fine and maintenance cleaning of smaller quantities. Cleans Screens, stencils, ...
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  • Detergents

  • MultiEx 3D

    MultiEx 3D E14 is 3-dimensional, aqueous special detergent designed for cleaning Colophonium, Deoxidizers and Passivates and is highly eff...
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  • MultiEx A12

    MultiEx A12 is an alkaline detergent designed for cleaning Colophonium and flux and is highly effective for thoroughly cleaning DCBs, asse...
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  • MultiEx VR-SP

    The Kolb MultiEx VRSP is an aqueous, alkaline broadband detergent well suited for multiple cleaning tasks including assembled PCBs, cerami...
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