Stencil Cleaning & Fine Cleaning

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  • PS300 VS

    Cleans screens, stencils, PumpPrints, misprints, carriers kolb PS300 VS is an extremely compact and powerful cleaning system engineered a...
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  • PSB 700 V50 Twin

    Cleans two screens, stencils or PumpPrints in one cycle kolb PSB700 V50 TWIN is a fully automatic system for reliable precision cleaning ...
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  • PSB100 H70

    Fully automatic unique XL triple hybrid system kolb PSB100 H70 is a fully automatic hybrid system with an XL process chamber – exce...
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  • PSB100 H90

    Fully automatic hybrid system for all cleaning tasks in electronics production kolb PSB100 H90 is a large scale system, able to operate t...
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  • PSB700 V70 Twin

    kolb PSB700 V70 TWIN is a fully automatic system with a large process chamber for reliable precision cleaning of two screens, stencils, Pu...
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  • PSB700 V90 Quad

    Cleans four screens, stencils or PumpPrints in one cycle. The Kolb PSB700 V90 QUAD is the only batch system worldwide for process safe fin...
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