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PS07 ST (Refurbished by Factory)

PS07 ST (Refurbished by Factory)

Product Description

The Kolb PS07 ST is a high-end single chamber PowerSpray® system for the thorough cleaning of a single stencil using an efficient 4-Step Process, Clean, Medium Wipe,Rinse & Dry. Which provides excellent cleaning results utilizing dual- high volume Spray Rotor System.

PS07 ST cleans stencils to 750 x 736 x 40/30 mm (29.52″ x 28.97″), with tailor-made fixtures for cleaning a wide variety of items from Squeegees to mis-prints. The PS07 ST is extremely easy to use in daily operation with only one push of a button. All relevant maintenance units are quickly and easily accessible.

This particular machine is factory refurbished and carries with it a

One-Year Warranty.

Highlights include;

  • Short cycle time (<10 Min.) depending on detergent used and level of contamination.
  • Space-saving hemispherical sliding door with inspection glass into an illuminated process chamber.
  • No explosion protection necessary, so installing close to the production line is possible.
  • Water-free process is possible. System is capable of operation on a detergent/detergent Clean and Rinse process in a closed loop configuration.
  • Suitable for cleaning Pump Print Stencils
  • Made of stainless steel with process sections built from electrolysis-resistant elements.
  • Process and service intervals are PLC- controlled and monitored.
  • System includes a 3-stage Fine Filtration system
  • 4-Step Power Spray unit with magnetic-coupled pumping system and warm air drying.
  • Low noise level (70 db) A with added insulation.