A-Tek was established in 2005 and is today’s premier distributor of technology-rich printed circuit board manufacturing equipment.  Headquartered out of northern Colorado, A-Tek provides sales and support services.

The focus of A-Tek is to provide yield improvement products that protect the PCB during the value-added steps during assembly. We offer Vapor Phase Reflow products, Selective solder machines, Circuit Board Depaneling, Stereo Microscopes, PCB cleaning, and Industrial Detergents. Today there are ever increasing challenges in manufacturing – high density components, shrinking package sizes and added alloy costs. A-Tek’s aim is to provide leading edge assembly equipment that will improve quality and yields effectively, efficiently and reliably.

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Patty Chonis

CEO and President

20 years in global sales and marketing in the USA. Has served as a Key Account and Sales Manager as well as Marketing Director with success in re-imaging and branding. She holds a degree in International Business with emphasis in Marketing from Regis University.

JB Byers

VP of Technical Support Services

A highly seasoned and professional service with more than 20 years experience, acting as both and engineering and field service manager. He has an excellent reputation for supporting customers whenever and where ever they need it.

Robert Sears

Business Account Manager

Robert Sears’ nine years in sales and customer service has given him a unique perspective in understanding customer’s needs. This has also provided him with the drive and desire to answers any questions or concerns customers may have in the best possible way. Along with his years of sales and customer service experience, Robert Sears is a graduate from the University of Colorado with a major in Anthropology.

In the professional environment at A-Tek, Robert will ensure that customers and vendors are handled in a kind and courteous manner. He will also ensure that every aspect of a professional transaction is accurate and managed with an attention to detail.

Alan Murakami

Dir. Support Services

25+ Years of Technical Support Services delivery experience working for Fortune 500 Companies. Also has successfully Co-Founded businesses. Believes strongly in giving back to the community, personally serving in multiple volunteer and Board of Director capacities. Adaptable and willing to do whatever it takes to deliver superior Customer Service, Alan is a valuable asset to the A-Tek Team.

Christie Metivier

Office Manager

Christie brings with her 20+ years of Office Administration.

Previously, Christie worked for International Companies such as Pulse ATM North America and Financial Interchange Banking Company of Houston, Texas.

Christie is proficient in all aspects of Office Administration as well as Event Planning and Calendar Management which has been her most current roles prior to coming on board with A-Tek.

Christie’s ultimate focus here at A-Tek is maintaining a smooth running office allowing the key players on the team to work as effectively as possible.

She is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and point you in the best direction for your A-Tek needs.


Daren Bauder

Engineering / Technical Specialist

Daren Bauder is a Colorado native and the newest Service Engineer of A-Tek Systems Group. He has more than 20 years’ experience working in the IT field and manufacturing industry. Over 15 years mechanical experience with diesel, gas, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Daren graduated in 2000 from Westwood College of Technology with a degree in Network Information Systems.  He has a diverse level of experience with all of our equipment manufacturers and an innovative technology leader for customers. He is well respected by his peers for his experience and knowledge within manufacturing and his customer service aptitude.

L to R Damian D'Apolito, JB Byers, Christian Ortmann, Wilfried Clemens, Frank Sommer, Patty Chonis, Claus Zabel, Christian Linker
L to R Damian D'Apolito, JB Byers, Christian Ortmann, Wilfried Clemens, Frank Sommer, Patty Chonis, Claus Zabel, Christian Linker