APEX EXPO 2021 Virtual Event

Join us at the new APEX 2021 Virtual Event on March 8th – 12th! Be sure to sign up so you can come visit! This will allow us to schedule one-on-one meetings, provide product demonstrations, and get specialized offers! We will be showcasing our whole line up from our Asscon Vapor Phase machines to our Getech Automation products. APEX EXPO usually hosts their exhibition in person in San Diego, California but given the restrictions of traveling in this day in age, APEX decided to go virtual. This allows for more exposure and inclusion within the industry while keeping everyone healthy and decreasing exposure from COVID-19. CLICK HERE TO VIEW BROCHURE  

Kolb – Batch vs Inline

FACT OR FICTION: Which is better, Inline or Batch PCB cleaning? Today one of the biggest production challenges are to increase capacity by reducing operational costs. FACT: One production process that can make a big difference in cost reductions is PCB cleaning. Suitable PCB cleaning is a combination of Time + Pressure + Chemistry. When the parameters are properly set, cleaning PCBs in a batch mode vs inline, will ensure excellent results while saving operational costs in respect to power, water, and detergent consumption. At A Glance feature compares Inline cleaning vs Batch cleaning. Issue Inline Batch Explanation / Argument Handling time in transferring assemblies from the soldering line to the cleaning system Magazines   Cleaning Tray The handling time is exactly the same. However […]

VP800 Sensor Based Profiling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New feature enhancements with the Asscon VP800 increases process efficiencies     Longmont, CO, January 9, 2015:  A-Tek Systems Group is pleased to announce the re-release of the Asscon VP800, now configured with the standard feature, Sensor Based Profiling. Assemblies to be soldered are placed on the VP800 work piece carrier in the loading zone and transported automatically into the soldering zone. Various assemblies can be soldered simultaneously by maximizing the enlarged 460 x 610 mm process window to optimize the process cycle time. As the assemblies transfer from the load zone to the vapor zone, the heated vapor will condensate on the assemblies initiating the heat transfer. Using the new Sensor Based Profiling feature, it is now possible to set […]