To ensure or enhance the best possible cleaning performance to fulfil our clients individual requirements kolb offers a wide variety of special cleaner additives and accessories as well as state of the art products for manual cleaning and detergent testing and controlling.

All kolb cleaning detergents, additives and chemical accessories are of course REACH compliant and non flammable with proper application.

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  • Antifoam EL50

    EL50 is an aqueous, neutral silicone-free de-aerator and de-foamer which is added directly to the cleaning bath with foam occurring due to...
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  • Antifoam F40

    AntiFoam® F40 is an aqueous, pH-neutral silicone-free foam regulator for kolb cleaning detergents. The surface active single-compound an...
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  • CF1

    SMD-oven cleaner CF 1 Size-25l-can Aqueous alkaline cleaning ReadyMix CF1® oven cleaner is an aqueous alkaline cleaning ReadyMix for manu...
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  • DIS 10/4

    DIS 10/4 is an aqueous, pH-neutral cleaning bath additive (dispersing additive). DIS 10/4 boosts detergents for flux and resin removal in...
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  • ESD Floor Cleaner

    ESD FloorCleaner is a combined cleaner and polisher for ESD-floors to be used for the daily care, applied in a wet-wiping process. ESD Flo...
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  • ESD UniClean

    ESD UniClean is a neutral cleaner especially for ESD-equipment for all kinds of working tables, shelves and other equipment. ESD UniClean ...
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  • G50

    SMD-oven basic cleaner G50 Size-1l-bottle G50 Aqueous alkaline intensive cleaning ReadyMix G50® basic oven cleaner is an aqueous alkaline...
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  • PH Reducer

    pHReducer are aqueous neutralization agents, available as a concentrate and fourfold concentrate.pHReducer reduce the pH-value of a waste...
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  • RM24

    RM24  Rinsing detergent for ContraFlux FM has been developed especially for use with Kolb ContraFlux FM cleaning detergent for the rinsi...
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  • S&G Rapid

    S&G Rapid is a very efficient ready to use Stainless Steel and Glass Cleaner. Spray pure or blended on a 1:1 ratio with water. Spray d...
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  • WetWipes SA120

    PN 090616-WW, SMD Wet Wipes SA 120, 150 pieces per container WetWipes SA120 SMD cleaning tissues WetWipes SA120 are ready to use tissues, ...
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  • WipeEx SA120

    WipeEx SA 120 Size-2 x 5 Liter cans WipeEx SA120 Special detergent for mechanical fleece cleaning WipeEx® SA120 is an aqueous pH-neutral ...
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