AQUBE® X Series

For ultrafine cleaning of PCBs, DCBs, hybrids, SDIs, and SIPs

kolb’s AQUBE® X series offers ultrafine cleaning for the highest demands, such as the process-safe cleaning of PCBs, DCBs, SiPs, HDI boards, hybrids, and misprints from contaminants such as fluxes, rosin, resin, copper, Cu oxide, and solder-support substances.
The three-tank systems with three separate circuits and a fully automatic up to 5-step process are extremely compact and run with very low operating costs.

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  • AQUBE® XH5

    Fully Automatic High End Batch Cleaner for Assembled PCBs AQUBE ® XH5 is a fully automatic parallel working three-tank, three-circuit cle...
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  • AQUBE® XH7

    High End XL Cleaning System for Assembled PCBs and Hybrids AQUBE ® XH7 is a fully automatic 3-tank, 3-circuit PowerSpray® XL ultra fine ...
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  • AQUBE® XH9

    XXL High End Cleaning System for Assembled PCBs, Hybrids, and Misprints AQUBE ® XH9 is a fully automatic 3-tank, 3-circuit PowerSpray® X...
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