Automatic Feeder Tape Splicing

Youngpool Technology strives for excellence and continuous process improvement for the electronics manufacturing industry. Recent developments with Youngpool R&D include the development of SMT Reel Splicing equipment to meet the ever-growing demands for automation in SMT manufacturing.

Today the topic of managing operations systematically and integrating traceability information to the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) has become crucial in achieving higher productivity within today’s SMT factories. Youngpool Technology’s Automatic Splicing Systems have been developed as a solution to this challenge. Our solutions help to improve outgoing quality, enhance management via MES, and reduce operating cost. Youngpool offers multi-tier solutions to fulfill every customer needs.

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  • Youngpool D-600P

    The quality automation and ease of use Youngpool provides is unmatched. The D-600P Automatic Splicing Machine from Youngpool Technologies ...
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  • Youngpool L-3

    The automation of the SMT industry continues to evolve. Today the topic of managing operations systematically and integrating traceability...
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  • Youngpool L-900

    SMT Multi-function Splicing System Automatic splicing machine is an integral part of the modern MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in th...
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