Kolb Cleaning Technology Introduces the next generation in stencil cleaning technology

Kolb Cleaning Technology is pleased to announce the release of the AQUBE MV8 sTWIN stencil cleaning system featuring dual process chambers with independent operating control. The AQUBE MV8 sTWIN is the only system available on the market today capable of cleaning one or two stencils immediately following a cleaning cycle (in parallel) or one stencil immediately and another stencil or squeegee(s) later (sequentially); making the MV8 sTWIN suitable for large-scale manufacturing or flexible enough for low volume, high mix production environments.

Kolb – Batch vs Inline

FACT OR FICTION: Which is better, Inline or Batch PCB cleaning? Today one of the biggest production challenges are to increase capacity by reducing operational costs. FACT: One production process that can make a big difference in cost reductions is PCB cleaning. Suitable PCB cleaning is a combination of Time + Pressure + Chemistry. When the parameters are properly set, cleaning PCBs in a batch mode vs inline, will ensure excellent results while saving operational costs in respect to power, water, and detergent consumption. At A Glance feature compares Inline cleaning vs Batch cleaning. Issue Inline Batch Explanation / Argument Handling time in transferring assemblies from the soldering line to the cleaning system Magazines   Cleaning Tray The handling time is exactly the same. However […]