Kolb Cleaning Technology Introduces the next generation in stencil cleaning technology

Kolb Cleaning Technology is pleased to announce the release of the AQUBE MV8 sTWIN stencil cleaning system featuring dual process chambers with independent operating control. The AQUBE MV8 sTWIN is the only system available on the market today capable of cleaning one or two stencils immediately following a cleaning cycle (in parallel) or one stencil immediately and another stencil or squeegee(s) later (sequentially); making the MV8 sTWIN suitable for large-scale manufacturing or flexible enough for low volume, high mix production environments.


A-Tek Systems Group in partnership with ASSCON will be exhibiting the Series Production VP6000 with Vacuum at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO. Come see for yourself why ASSCON and Vapor Phase Reflow technology is rapidly becoming the system for today and the future! On a consistent frequency, we are proving the value of vapor phase methodology to new customers in eliminating common challenges facing our ever-changing landscape. While visiting us at APEX (Booth 1502), be sure to ask about our Large Production In-Line series of machines like our recently introduced VP7000.

kolb at IPC APEX EXPO 2017 in San Diego

kolb US exhibits on the IPC APEX EXPO 2017 in San Diego 07/21/2016 Event kolb US will exhibit a PS300 2HY Hybrid system, one of the most successful machines from kolb over the course of the last three years. “Technology’s turning point” is the motto of the IPC Apex 2017 from February 14 – 16 in San Diego. We will keep you updated about our contribution to the topic in January 2017. The exhibited PS300 2HY ist a Hybrid-Cleaner suitable for Screen, Stencil and PumpPrint cleaning as well as PCB cleaning. A perfect workhorse for small and medium size companies where it is not economical to have a full blown system for both mentioned cleaning tasks.

kolb Available Equipment Inventory

KOLB EQUIPMENT INVENTORY February 7, 2017 Below is the listing of available kolb equipment currently in the production An updated inventory list will be published every 2 weeks so you can present solutions to your local customers. The Euro is down and I want to move some machines. Special pricing promotions going on right now. Call Patty for details. Note: Next available production slots are being booked WW14.   System Available Quantity Description PSE300 2HY Special Internet Pricing Available! Mediumwipe Chimney exhaust Auto dosage DI cartridge Now ex works – Kolb Cleaning Technology USA (CO) 1 The kolb PS300 2HY is a single-chamber PowerSpray 4-5 step, fully automatic cleaning system capable of handling products up to 780 x 950 mm (31″ x 37.5″). Ideal for […]

Release of new concentrated cleaning detergent, MultiEx® VRSP-CN.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Release date: July 5, 2016 Marketing Contact: Patty Chonis, EM: patty.chonis@usa.kolb-ct.com; M: 970-443-9233 Kolb Cleaning Technology USA, LLC, Longmont CO: Kolb Cleaning Technology is pleased to announce the release of new concentrated cleaning detergent, MultiEx® VRSP-CN. The Kolb MultiEx VRSP-CN is an aqueous, alkaline broadband, multifunctional detergent well suited for multiple cleaning tasks including PCBs, stencils, solder carriers and frames, and production tools. Alkaline cleaning agents are widely used for today’s electronic assemblies, and have been proven effective at low temperatures and low concentrations. Due to its modern chemical formula the product is specifically suitable for all modern flux residues and it guarantees utmost material protection. The development of the MultiEx VRSP-CN is in response to customer demand for a concentrate formulation […]

Kolb – Batch vs Inline

FACT OR FICTION: Which is better, Inline or Batch PCB cleaning? Today one of the biggest production challenges are to increase capacity by reducing operational costs. FACT: One production process that can make a big difference in cost reductions is PCB cleaning. Suitable PCB cleaning is a combination of Time + Pressure + Chemistry. When the parameters are properly set, cleaning PCBs in a batch mode vs inline, will ensure excellent results while saving operational costs in respect to power, water, and detergent consumption. At A Glance feature compares Inline cleaning vs Batch cleaning. Issue Inline Batch Explanation / Argument Handling time in transferring assemblies from the soldering line to the cleaning system Magazines   Cleaning Tray The handling time is exactly the same. However […]

VP800 Sensor Based Profiling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New feature enhancements with the Asscon VP800 increases process efficiencies     Longmont, CO, January 9, 2015:  A-Tek Systems Group is pleased to announce the re-release of the Asscon VP800, now configured with the standard feature, Sensor Based Profiling. Assemblies to be soldered are placed on the VP800 work piece carrier in the loading zone and transported automatically into the soldering zone. Various assemblies can be soldered simultaneously by maximizing the enlarged 460 x 610 mm process window to optimize the process cycle time. As the assemblies transfer from the load zone to the vapor zone, the heated vapor will condensate on the assemblies initiating the heat transfer. Using the new Sensor Based Profiling feature, it is now possible to set […]