Release of new concentrated cleaning detergent, MultiEx® VRSP-CN.

Release date: July 5, 2016
Marketing Contact: Patty Chonis, EM:; M: 970-443-9233

Kolb Cleaning Technology USA, LLC, Longmont CO: Kolb Cleaning Technology is pleased to announce the release of new concentrated cleaning detergent, MultiEx® VRSP-CN. The Kolb MultiEx VRSP-CN is an aqueous, alkaline broadband, multifunctional detergent well suited for multiple cleaning tasks including PCBs, stencils, solder carriers and frames, and production tools.

Alkaline cleaning agents are widely used for today’s electronic assemblies, and have been proven effective at low temperatures and low concentrations. Due to its modern chemical formula the product is specifically suitable for all modern flux residues and it guarantees utmost material protection.

The development of the MultiEx VRSP-CN is in response to customer demand for a concentrate formulation of the popular –VRSP ReadyMix. The –VRSP-CN is factory tested and qualified to outperform equivalent cleaning chemistries at a highly competitive price.

Below are the lab tests conducted at Kolb GmbH. At a mixing ratio of 1:3 (1 part concentrate to 3 parts water, Kolb MultiEx VRSP-CN actually showed slightly better cleaning results than MultiEx VRSP-RM (ReadyMix).



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