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  • Antifoam EL50

    EL50 is an aqueous, neutral silicone-free de-aerator and de-foamer which is added directly to the cleaning bath with foam occurring due to...
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  • Antifoam F40

    AntiFoam® F40 is an aqueous, pH-neutral silicone-free foam regulator for kolb cleaning detergents. The surface active single-compound an...
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  • AQUBE® HY series

    AQUBE® HY series Full hybrid systems for PCB, screen and tools cleaning The new kolb AQUBE® systems are next-generation cleani...
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  • AQUBE® M Series MV5, MV7, MV8, MV9 TWIN

    AQUBE® MV5 Cleaning system for two screens, stencils or PumpPrints Capacity: 2 stencils up to 520 x 520 mm, 20,5“ x 20,5“ or 560 x 49...
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  • DIS 10/4

    DIS 10/4 is an aqueous, pH-neutral cleaning bath additive (dispersing additive). DIS 10/4 boosts detergents for flux and resin removal in...
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    WPSD IU Sewage water processing module SYMBIO-unit for the treatment of heavy metal contaminated rinsing water for indirect discharging in...
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