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AQUBE® M Series MV5, MV7, MV8, MV9 TWIN

Cleaning system for two screens, stencils or PumpPrints

Capacity: 2 stencils up to 520 x 520 mm, 20,5“ x 20,5“ or 560 x 490 mm, 22“ x 19“
Vertical fourfold spray rotors, CWA® compression drying
Cycle time: approx. 7 minutes
Process chamber dimensions: W 540 • D 590 • H 570 mm

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Product Description

Cleaning system for two screens, stencils or PumpPrints

The new kolb AQUBE® series offer next-generation cleaning systems – even more efficient, even more compact, easy to handle and maintain, pre-equipped for extended water management and cyber-physically ready for the smart factory (SF ready).

AQUBE®MV5 is a fully automatic system for reliable precision cleaning of two screens, stencils, PumpPrints or other flat products in one cycle. It removes quickly and thoroughly contaminations such as SMD-paste, SMD-adhesive, flux residues and stabilizer materials.

AQUBE®MV5 is a German engineered and manufactured machine with ClosedLoop water reprocessing and a two-tank and two separate circuits configuration which ensures short cycle times and makes this system the perfect economic choice for the cleaning of stencils.

The system is ideally suitable for larger daily amounts of cleaning goods. For smaller quantities or fewer daily cleaning cycles, the kolb PS300 stencil mono-cleaning systems are often a more efficient solution.


  • Two tank system with two separate circuits
  • Digital Factory ready: DNAccess, remote control, traceability (PLC data scanning and memorizing)
  • Fully automatic 4step process: cleaning, MediumWipe®, rinsing, CWA® supercharger compression drying
  • Vertical PTFE mounted rotor system with four asynchronous spray rotors for thorough wetting (no blind spots)
  • Short cycle times (approx. 7 min / normal contamination) due to placing the cleaning goods close to the spray rotors
  • Water free operation possible with a suitable cleaning / rinsing detergent
  • Process and service intervals PLC controlled
  • Event issuing and software control via touch screen
  • Safe installation close to the production line / screen printer possible; no special protection required
  • EDGELESS Design and VARIccess® maintenance access: maximum capacity on a very small footprint